Nani Pethan Committee Members 2015/2016

President DayhabhaiKanjibhai Patel Dudley
Vice President JayantibhaiJasmatbhai Patel Dudley
Treasurer KanubhaiKanjibhai Patel Dudley
Assistant Treasurer Hareshbhai J Patel Leicester
Secretary NirubenPatel-Campbell Leicester
Assistant Secretary Pravinbhai V Panchia

We would like to thank our previous Executive Committeefor all of their endeavours duringthe 2015/2016 term. We also take this opportunity and welcome the Executive Committee for 2016/2017. We would also like to wish them the best for the forth coming year. In addition to the ExecutiveCommittee, we also acknowledge the work undertaken by town representatives in the UK to keep our local members updated and informed which is an important part of the network. If you have any queries or comments relating to Nani Pethan, please feel free to contact us. We welcome your suggestions and comments to help us develop this web page and share information about our village.


Nani Pethan Committee Members 2016/2017

President JayantibhaiJasmatbhai Patel Dudley
Vice President Pradeepbhai Chavda London
Treasurer Hareshbhai Patel Leicester
Assistant Treasurer Murljibhai K Patel Leicester
Secretary NirubenPatel-Campbell Leicester
Assistant Secretary Hansaben Mistry Bolton


All Nani Pethan residents are invited to attend our Annual General meeting which is being held in Leicester at Shree Sarvodaya 39 Highfield Street Leicester LE2 1AD on Sunday 10th September 2017 10:00am to 4:30pm, please confirm your attendance in advance.